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Laser Dentistry for a beautiful healthy smile!

Proven tools for superior patient care in all medical fields, lasers have provided medical and dental professionals and their patients of all ages with superior results for decades.  The latest laser technology has raised the standard of care in dentistry.  Using laser technology in dentistry means reduced pain normally associated with dental procedures. Laser utilizes energized water (Hydrokinetics) so there is no need for whining drills. Since there is no heat or vibration, the laser reduces the need for needles and anesthesia.  This often means no drills, no shots, and less pain. The laser provides more comfort, eliminates numbness and provides faster healing.

Major Benefits of Laser Treatment:

Comfort- Since laser light is used to perform the procedure; you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed in the chair without the sound of the drill.  Also you’ll feel no pain from the drills vibration and hear generation.

Less Anesthesia-For many patients, the best part of laser dentistry may be – no more needles! For routine appointments or surgery, the need for anesthesia may be reduced or even eliminated.

Reduced Bleeding - Bleeding is minimized and the need for sutures are eliminated

Short and Comfortable healing-post operative pain, discomfort and swelling are minimized, as laser accuracy assures minimal trauma to nearby tissue and faster overall recovery.

Dental lasers are ideals for the challenging treatment of:

Children: due to reduced need for anesthesia and shortened chair time

Seniors and high-risk patients- due to maximum control of bleeding and post operative infections.

How laser is used in Dentistry 


When laser is used to do fillings, there is no need for noisy drill and prickly needles.  The lasers offer pinpoint accuracy, minimizing contact with healthy surrounding tissue (tooth). It is minimally invasive, precise, and conserves tooth structure than the conventional dentistry.  It is gentle to the tooth. 

Root Canal Treatment:

Root canal treatment is generally needed when tooth decay or shock leads to  pulp or nerve tissue damage that  can be excruciating experience with symptoms including pain while chewing, sensivity and swelling.  If left untreated, pulp damage can lead to abcesses or pus filled infection and eventually to tooth loss.

Endodontics, or Root canal treatment (RCT) is the branch of dentistry that deals with treating dental pulp damage. RCT is the best way to directly address the pain and save the tooth. During root canal procedure, infected nerve tissue is cleaned out and replace with filler to prevent further infection with proper anesthesia.  Rct can be a pain free process. 

Using the latest in the laser technology, proton induced protocaustic streaming or PIPS can gently and effectively irrigate, decontaminate and reduce biofilm inside the canal of the root.  Insufficient decontamiation and presence of biofilm  have been shown to be the major contributing factors to root canal abcess and the need to retreat previously treated root canals. This laser technique is minimally invasive and it decontaminates the infected tooth and removes the biofilm effectively.  This greatly reduces the risk of future re-infection or failure of root canal as often seen with the traditional technique of files and drill.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, sensitivity, swelling, it is import to act fast, not only to relieve pain but also to prevent the tooth structure from complete decay and eventual loss of the tooth.

Periodontal Surgery (Gum);

Traditional way of periodontal surgery can be uncomfortable and take substantial time for recovery.  However, evolution of laser technology has made it possible to treat gum disease and infections. It cleans and debrides periodontal pockets and reduces inflammation with little or no postoperative pain. One can resume normal actively almost immediately.

 It can be used to shape and contour uneven gums (gummy smiles) and create symmetry in the gum line, giving more aesthetically pleasing overall appearance.

Teeth Whitening

Laser whitening is a safe and fast way to achieve immediately whiter teeth. It is used to treat even the most persistent stains, which are left, by tea, coffee, wine, and tobacco.


Oral Lesion Treatment

Laser offers instant relief from canker sores,  aphthous ulcers and herpetic lesions, reducing pain and post op sensitivity.


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